Political Education for Democratic Civics

Misholim is a non-academic course that offers training for senior officials and management levels at the formal and informal education, who are interested in studying an approach that perceives education as a social and civic act, and seek the acquisition of tools and skills for political education that promotes liberal democracy in Israel

The Goals of the Program

Create a network of senior educators who work together to promote political-democratic civics in both formal and informal education systems in Israel

Form an educational civic identity, through in-depth acquaintance with theory, concepts, and the fields of civic and liberal democratic eduation

Provide educational tools and skills
for the development of political content and instruction

About the Program


Ten six-hour meetings during the second semester, and a three-day seminar in Jerusalem during summer vacation



Applicants must meet one or more of the following conditions:
1. Enrollment in a recognized academic institution, school, or faculty of education

* preference will be given to students enrolled in teacher training tracks

2. Work experience in informal education settings

Pogram Lecturers

Dr. Adar Cohen

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Nasreen Haddad Haj-Yahya

The Israel Democracy Institute

Dr. Nir Michaeli

Oranim Academic College of Education

Dr. Soli Vered

The Association of Civil Rights in Israel

Dr. Tammy Hoffman

Kibbutzim College; The Israel Democracy Institute

Nir (Shoko) Cohen

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Noemi Harari

Oranim Academic College of Education; University of Haifa

Prof. Nimrod Aloni

Kibbutzim College

Yael Neeman

CEO, Lautman Foundation