“Stones with a Heart”: The Mount of National Remembrance as a Narrative Battlefield

Yinon Guttel-Klein

How Do We Leave This Political Moment?

Professor Dani FIlc and former MK Dr. Dov Khenin

Challenges in Keeping Alive the Memory of the Holocaust in the 21st Century: Whose Challenge Is It, and Why Is It Important?

Dr. Tammy Hoffman

Between the COVID-19 Crisis and the Welfare State

Rami Hod

Civil Society as the Gatekeeper of Liberal Democracy

Mickey Gitzin

Political Aspects of Israeli Annexation

Barak Ravid

The Fight over Israel’s Justice System

Dan Meridor

The Constitutional Revolution of 2020

Shai Agmon

The Political Situation in the Palestinian Authority

Dr. Ronit Marzan

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Where Should We Make Progress Now, and How?

Avishay Ben-Sasson Gordis

The Political Psychology of Uncontrollable Conflicts

Professor Daniel Bar-Tal

A Peek Beyond the Wall: An Introduction to Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel

Dr. Lee Kahaner

A Lecture in the Shadow of the Day the Peace Treaty with Egypt Was Signed

Shaqued Morag

The Discourse on the Streets of East, West, and Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem

Michal Sherez Shilor

The Trump Plan

Dr. Shira Efron and Dan Rotem

This Is the Time for Jewish-Arab Partnership

Dr. Nasreen Haddad Haj-Yahya and Mikhael Manekin

Defeating Acquired Political Helplessness

Shay Cohen

Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion: A Gender-Based Perspective

Shira Ben-Sasson Furstenburg

Positive Freedom and Negative Freedom

Dr. Yoav Ashkenazy

Civil and Individual Liberties in Israel, 2020

Sharon Abraham-Weiss

What Is Liberty? An Introduction to Liberal Thought

Professor Menachem Lorberbaum

The Climate Crisis

Dr. Lia Ettinger

Corona and Contemporary Diseases

Professor Eva Illouz

The Sex-Trafficking Industry in Israel

Nitzan Kahana

Political Education for Democratic Civics

Noam Vidan

Toward a Republic of Israel

Dr. Ameer Fakhouri

Building Noah’s Ark: Human Beings and Nature in the Anthropocene Epoch

Dr. Ofri Ilany

The State of Palestinian Nationalism: The Israeli Perspective and the Palestinian Perspective

Dr. Assaf David and Adel Shadeed

On Gender Inequality and Promoting Policy to Rectify It

Yael Miriam Sinai

What the COVID-19 Crisis Shows about Inequality in Israel and the World

Professor Yifat Bitton

An Analysis of the Political Crisis in Israeli Democracy

Former MK Zehava Gal-On

What Can the COVID-19 Crisis Teach Us about the National Situation?

Professor Yuli Tamir

What is Liberal Democracy?

Dr. Hillel Ben-Sasson