Ideological and Political Training
for Senior Officials in the Public Sector

A program that trains leaders among the liberal democratic camp in Israel, granting them tools to more effectively impact the public and political sphere.
The training program is based on shared theoretical and ideological study that aims to create a joint vision and language, and promotes coordinated interconnected action among actors and office-holders in various public systems.


Connect senior leadership among the liberal democratic camp to a network with a shared orientation and vision, to effectively coordinate and promote a liberal democratic agenda in Israel, through various means and systems.


Develop leadership with a shared ideological language
that works toward a joint vision

Provide tools and leadership skill
to promote effective processes of change

Create a coordinated network of public officials
who work together collaboratively

About the Program



1. Currently hold a mangerial position in one of the following realms:

2. Individuals commited to working in the public or political sectors for the coming five years

3. Full Availability

4. Capacity to read and converse in English

5. Attendance of all program meetings and seminars


Nativ’s over 100 lecturers are experts in political thought and philosophy in Israeli academia, and policymakers with rich experience at the heart of various realms of public activity

Zehava Gal-On

Zulat Institute; former chairwoman of Meretz

Yochay Shochat

Former acting CEO, Mekorot

Yafa Benaya

מכון שלום הרטמן והקריה האקדמית אונו

Shira Ben-Sasson Furstenburg

New Israel Fund

Sharon Shahaf

Media Consultant

Samer Swaid

The Arab Center for Alternative Planning

Prof. Yuli Tamir

President, Beit Berl College

Prof. Yossi Yonah

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Prof. Yifat Bitton

President, Achva College

Prof. Tamar Hermann

The Open University; The Israel Democracy Institute